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Learn Something and Helping each other

When i joined padugai a couple of months ago, I was absolutely amazed. This was the coolest social network Tamil community forum ever. I just knew that I had found something better than Eegarai, Yarl, Chenaiamilula, usetamil, or any other network I had ever seen. Since that time, i have upgraded to Gold member because I still believe that there is no better network job forum out there.

Unfortunately, lately there has been a bit of tension between some of the members here, and I feel the need to speak out. I myself have considered leaving Padukai, on more than one activity again mine mind set.

My main goal in life is to help others Tamil people to Making Money in Online. If it has to do with my business, whether be it in sales of my product, or in recruiting others into my business, I KNOW that I am helping that person in one way or another.

But, if I have to worry about what i write in a forum post, padugai job page or a response to someone else posts, I don't feel like I should be criticized, put down, or be made a fool of by someone that doesn't agree with or like what I've written about my padukai and Tamil online job demo works.

I was taught as a young man, that. "If you cant say anything nice, don't say anything at all". Sometimes its very hard to bite our tongue and keep to these words of wisdom. But we all must learn this online job lesson and instead of critisizing others, keep it to ourselves.

Yesterday, I had a question, so I put it in the "question" section here on . Someone told me that was not the "correct" place to put the question and they deleted it. How rude was that. It was by a person I didn't even know or was not even my friend!

I realize that Padukai has rules to live by, but the politics and the "powers that be" seem to have taken these rules a bit far and feel that they have power over people, because of their position here. I'm not sure who appointed them to critisize or degrade others in a negative fashion, but I myself and some other members are quite sick of it.

Padukai should be an enjoyable place to network job, socialize and advertise our businesses. After all that's what we're all here for. But when someone feels as if they are being "ganged up" on and are considering leaving padugai because of a few unnecessary comments to a forum post, this is not acceptable.

We are all adults and need to be more respectful, kind and considerate of others. There is nothing that makes anyone any better than the next person, just because you have a title. We are all human beings and have feelings, and we all want to be respected. So please, lets try to remember this before we say something that might hurt or embarrass someone publicly.

I'm sure that I will get some negative comments as to why this is not the "appropriate" venue to voice my opinion, so to the powers that be... If this is not the place, let me know, and I will move my article to the correct place.

Thank you,