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Dear friends, am today got one more Online Job earning cheque from MGinger.

That cheque photo copy attached here.

Athithan wrote:
Thanks to all my visitors.......

Today am got one more payout from Mginger Paid SMS Program...

Revenue Shared Website : Mginger
Online Jobber : படுகை.காம் (Selva Athithan.K)
Paid Amount : Rs.302/-
Received Date : 5-03-2010

Received Date : 24-12-2010

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Athithan wrote:
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mGinger is simply superb! It's a good and useful thing for everyone,it's a good oppourtunity to earn while learn. The most interesting thing is that it also contains games.I love this from the time of joining. and I must say to everyone they will enjoy themselves a lot'zzzzz really...!!!

It's rocks now!

How can I earn maximum through mGinger?

Think for a while and we’re sure you’ll realize that this question has crossed your mind atleast once from the time you joined the mGinger group. Earning has been an important part of mGinger and many of our users have received regular payment cheques to their doorstep. Like always, this time too mGinger has come up with a new payment format that’ll not just give you perfect guidelines to increase your own earnings but will also allow you to increase your network & share the earning options with your friends.

Let us take you through the old Payment Policy once again.

Payment for Silver Members:

As you know, once you register with mGinger with minimal mandatory details you become a silver member where in mGinger pays you 10 paisa for each incoming SMS and 5 paisa for every SMS that your friends (in your network) receive.

Payment for Gold Members:
Once you complete all profile details and verify your mobile number and email you become a gold member. When you upgrade to GOLD membership you will be paid 20 paisa for every sms that you receive and 10 paisa for every sms your friend receives.
Additionally, you will also be paid 5 paisa for every sms your friend’s friend receives.

The New mGinger 3…2…1… Payment Policy:
mGinger now gives you more than one option to earn money.

The new payment policy goes as follows:

Verify your mobile @ Rs 3:

mGinger will now pay you more & more. If you haven’t verified your mobile, verify it right away & mGinger will add Rs 3 back to your earnings within 24 hours. Once your mobile is verified you’ll start receiving messages & get paid for each incoming SMS.

Refer your friends and get Rs 2 on each valid referral:

More friends, more money! Invite as many friends as you can to your mGinger network and get Rs 2 added to your mGinger earnings on each valid referral. Just to remind you again, you will also keep earning money with each incoming SMS that your friends receive.

Verify your e-mail @ Rs 1:

Verify your e-mail and get updates, notifications & reminders about your mGinger account. That’s not all; mGinger will also add Rs 1 to your account as soon as your email is verified. Just click on the email verification link and you’re sorted!
At mGinger, with so many earning options to choose from all we wish to say is…

Happy Moneymaking :-)

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