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Tirupur-Online Job - Earn Money from Office Computer

Online Part Time Job
Tirupur-Online Job - Earn Money from Office Computer
Earn Money From Office Computer

If you are looking for ways of earn Extra Money in online job, then you came to the right website.

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The above keyword are most popular terms searched on the Google. Every body is looking for an extra income, an income which can be earned in our free time work from office computer. Most of the Garment Exporter in Tirupur have a Computer and internet connection at Office and their staffs are searching for ways to earn extra Cash/Dollar in online job. I was also one among them last year, searching for different ways to earn money online net jobs. I bet every one of us is in search of a part time job or an opportunity to earn some extra money in our spare time. The main problem we face is the lack of knowledge about the earnings programs available online. Here are different ways to earn money in online .

1) PTC - Paid to click ads PTC sites are best suited for beginners and part time workers. PTC sites show ads and we have to view an ad for 60 sec. After 60 sec we will be credited for the ad depending on the ad value. Generally there will be 4-5 ads per day.

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2) PTS - Paid to surf ads PTS sites are similar to PTC sites. However the ads are unlimited. PTS sites display ads and we have to view the ads for 15-20 sec. Generally the payout is 30-40cents per 1000 ads. We can earn cash or use those credits for advertising our site or blog.

3) Paid to Write These programs are best suited for people with good writing skills. There are many sites which pay us for writing article or reviews. We can also join any forum like Padukai.Com and post discussions or respond to the discussions and get paid via Traffic.

4) Affiliate Marketing Affiliate Marketing is an Internet Based marketing where we sell the products or services or refer people to a website for a percentage of sales or commissions. In simple terms, you are an online sales person. The earnings here are unlimited. We can refer unlimited people or sell the products to unlimited people and earn commissions.
Affiliate Paying Sites :

5) Monetize your blog If we have a website or blog, we can earn money by monetizing our site or blog. Join as an affiliate in any Ad Network site and place their ads in our blog or website. If any visitor clicks on any ad, then we are paid according to the ad value. .For more details check this site :

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Tirupur Online Job in Tirupur.
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