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Affiliate marketing is a popular way to make extra money online for beginners and experts alike. As an affiliate you simply promote somebody's product and earn a commission without the hassle of having to create a product, handle orders and shipping, and all the other issues that come with an online business. There are plenty of affiliate programs out there to choose from but our focus will be on one of the most popular programs, and that is Clickbank.

Why Clickbank? Since starting operations in 1998, Clickbank has established a great reputation for reliable service for its affiliates. Over 110,000 affiliates take advantage of a huge marketplace of e-products that can be instantly delivered by download immediately following a purchase. With thousands of products covering a variety of niches it is not difficult to find some products to promote to a targeted audience. With more than 20 main categories, along with subcategories, covering subjects like computers/internet products, education, games, languages, and many more, an affiliate can find products that suit most any buyer. As an affiliate you simply go to the Clickbank Marketplace to pick a product that you then promote to as many potential interested buyers you can find.

Clickbank makes it easy to sign up and get started. You can get a free account setup in just a couple of minutes. The form will ask you for some basic information, and most importantly, an account nickname that you choose for yourself that will be used as your Clickbank ID. The nickname you decide to use will be turned into a hoplink, a line of code that will help Clickbank keep track of any sales you generate. A hoplink is simply a link that directs an interested buyer to a specific product page, and once the buyer purchases that item, you will be credited and paid the commission on that product.

You can make extra money online as a Clickbank affiliate by promoting your hoplink using various methods. If you have a website you can simply place the hoplink in a prominent place and have visitors click on it. If you do not have a website there are other ways you can still get your hoplink noticed. Clickbank provides an Affiliate Help Center that can assist you in finding methods to promote your hoplink along with more information on how to get started.

Clickbank has provided many of its affiliates with a way to make extra money online. With commissions anywhere from 25% to 75% of the final sale price on a single product, there is no wonder why Clickbank is such a popular program for affiliate marketers.