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Earn Money by Posting Topics

Earn money by uploading/posting topics is popular, we see a lot of upload sites provides the get paid to post services. This will help us sharing, posting and making money. We can upload the our normal files like worksheet life calculations, word of fun documents, cinema music, movie, software, photos,games ... Sharing our life, people interest and view, we make money, with some people make more than $1000 a month with it. This is simple and you want to join in? The question is :How can get effective with make money by posting? I will share to you some effective guide for successful with making money by posting.

Three important principles you must consider:

Traffic : We can imagine we have a interesting store but located at a small lane with less traffic, so people will pass and we will get no money.

Trend : If we want to get more View, we should know the trend of people, what they like or dislike. We can make trial at some kind of files, see the statistics and decide what we need to focus. We can try for find the Hot trends or see Popular topics in for find what people looking for.

80/20 principle : this mean if we have posting 100 topics in same place , only 20 posts files bring most income to us, so we need to focus on 20% of this good files and promote it more to increase more earn by topics.

Visitor's location : the country of visitors also important , most upload sites pay top rate for USA, Europe and another depend on each sites. So we must choose the upload service pay for most our visitor's country.

Conclusion :

Do more topics.
Do more Active Topic Title Posts.
Use Top rate user taste topic.
Drive Good Traffic.