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Most offline business know you can take out an ad space in the local or national newspapers, book 30 sec slots on the radio, or on TV, advertise in magazines, or you can get an advertising agency to do it all for you. The major drawback is that this can turn into an expensive exercise. One of the reasons that online advertising is so important is that you can get the word out about your online job website and products for a fraction of the cost of offline advertising.

Here are five reasons why advertising on the online can be more valuable to a business than traditional offline advertising.

1. You can reach a lot more people for a fraction of the cost. With online advertising you can make use of the Global Marketplace. You could just as easily work with someone in your own state or you could work with someone on the other side of the world. Just imagine the business and sales you could end up bringing in!

2. The variety of online advertising methods outweighs the variety of advertising offline! In the online world you have access to social media, social marketing, social networking, blogging, renting ad space, newsletters, mailing lists, banner advertising, text ad advertising, search engine advertising and so much more! More options give you more ways to catch people's attention!

3. It is cheaper! For the most part, many of the advertising services online are completely free. This can be a good thing especially when you are just starting out in your business and don't have a ton of money to spend! Some sites do cost money, but again, it?s pretty cheap for the coverage you get!

4. It is convenient. Instead of driving over to the local radio station, newspaper, or ad agency you can jump right online and begin posting ads and talking to people right from your laptop.

5- It is effective. When you advertise offline you really don't know if people really are going to say what they say they are going to do. Also, you don't know who is viewing your advertisement, listening to it, or reading it. With online advertising you can visually SEE your ad being posted, you can do keyword research and analysis if your offer is not getting ranked quick enough and you can make adjustments in hours not days.

All of the answers are right online you just have to know where to look and what to look for. You can even find websites like that help you automate your marking and save you hours each day!