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Promoting Tamil ON LINE JOB with Banners


I am a little person when it comes to promoting Tamil online job forum because of the limited resources available to us and my very limited computer technical knowledge.

I love banners because they are catchy and beautify web pages and blogs. However, I do not know how to make them. so I am left to use those made available by merchants and sites I am promoting your Tamil Online JOB Forum.

I have not seen banners her at that we can use to promote and attract members to PADUKAI. This is not to say that new members are not being recruited. Far from it. It is my considered opinion that making banners available to PADUKAI members will help us promote PADUGAI better.

For instance, I wrote some Articles on to promote PADUKAI.COM . But, I needed to put banners or pictures to drive home my point but they were not available. There was nothing I could do about it so I had to post the Article without banners.

I think that Winner should make available banners of various types and sizes for some of us to use. I have actually seen a banner made by a member and it was beautiful to behold.

Please, can I have some banners, please?