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Promotion Tips and EXAMPLE POST with Online JOB PROMOTION

Hi Padukai !

Congratulations! A new member signed up on PADUKAI.COM
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Information of the person who joined:

Name: Selva Athithan

Username: Athithan


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Below is a welcome message you can send to this new
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================Start Welcome Message=================

Subject: Welcome to my PADUKAI team, Athithan !

Hi Athithan,

Thank you for joining through my referral
Name (Padugai). My name is Siva, and I am glad to
have you in my team!

I just want to remind you to log in to your
account everyday, and read paid work from the Do Paid Works Sub-forum. And Post New Topic and Reply to other topic.

If you need my help with anything concerning your
PADUKAI.COM< account, please PM me or POST that in HELP SUB-FORUM PAGE and I'll be glad to help.


==================End Welcome Message=================

Thank you for your support.


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