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The Ultimate Life Earning JOB Company Launches in Just 3 Days!!

As we all stand on the brink of a brand New Year, we are wondering just what 2011 will be like for us. I would like to suggest 2011 will be exactly what you decide to make it. You really can make the CHOICE to live an Ultimate Life - and we'll be there to help you every step of the way!

Want to see an exciting sneak preview of a tool you'll have to share ULC with people? Or, if this is the first post you have opened from us, you'll definitely want to see this 20+ Article! (If this is the first post you have opened, you will also want to go to: and see just how we're helping old My Athithan Net Cash members rebuild their teams with this exciting new company!

I'm sharing this Demo ARTICLE with you now as a SNEAK PREVIEW. You don't want to send it to anyone until Monday!!

Here's how this is going to roll out on Monday, January 3rd.

Owen is setting up the positions for the 200+ Founding Member positions now. They will be in place on Monday morning.

The website and systems will go live at 6:00 AM (Pacific Time).

At the same time, an email will go out to all the 10+ Club, inviting them to join ULC. As soon as they join, they will begin to send out emails to their frontlines. Once they join, they will send out emails to their frontline, and so on...

At the end of 1 week, I will send out an email to everyone else in the old ANC database, inviting them to join The Ultimate Life Company.

On Monday, January 17th, we will launch to the entire world. Your 2 week head start will be over. I so hope all of you make the most of it!


Please be sure you understand the first 2 weeks (January 3 - 17) are Pre-Launch. You will have a very limited Back Office, and the Invitation System will not be fully functional yet. Though we have extensively tested everything we are launching, you will also serve as a Beta Test. You will also see new things go live regularly as they are ready! We look forward to your feedback.

What can you do from the 3rd to the 17th? Great question!

- You can sign up our Tamil Online JOB SITE

- You can sign others up by sending them the link to your replicating website that you will receive as soon as you sign up. (Since the website will not be FULLY functional until the 17th, I would encourage you to only invite your old ANC Team, family and friends to join. They will understand you're giving them the opportunity to come in on the ground floor and be understanding of incomplete systems until the 17th.) You don't want to blast it out through other marketing means you might have until the 17th.

- You will be able to access all your old ANC frontline so that you can invite them to join again.

- You will be able to watch your Team grow through your ULC Team Report.

- You can play with the ULC Income Calculator and plan your strategy for the 17th.

- You can attend special Launch Training Webinars during the 2 weeks. (Full schedule is at ) Linda and I will equip you to grow your new business quickly.

- You can invite friends, family, and other networkers you know to the first Webinar being done by Ron Mueller on January 18th. Ron is THE expert in saving taxes through a home-based business. We wanted you to have this information early in 2011 so you can take the biggest advantage of it. All the details will be in your Back Office.

Though the system won't be complete, you'll be able to do A LOT - laying an amazing foundation that you will be able to build on through the rest of 2011!


So, as you close out of 2010, know that you can dream huge dreams for 2011, and have great hopes for the Ultimate Life you have longed for. We will be with you every step of the way!!

Happy 2011!!!