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We are online job workers from Tamil nadu.

Yes! It's true. We are Tamil Online JOB worker.

Unless you are one of those people content to always accept what others expect of you, and never seek to influence another person in any way.

As a child you behave in particular ways to gain your parents' attention and approval.

As a student you had to sell your abilities to teachers and examiners. Your peers at school had to be sold on your value to them as part of their group or the sports team you played in.

If you've had a online job, you had to sell your skills and aptitudes to an employer or their agent. To get that loan, you needed to convince the lender that they were going to make a profit by lending you money in online.

And the list goes on.

But we often do not like to think of ourselves as sales people, or marketers or online job referrer. And why is that?

It could be that sales people often rank right down on the list of respected professions. Would you buy a car from this man? etc.

One possible reason for this low status for online job referrer, or sales men and women, is the zealous approach that many of them take while trying to "close the sale or online downline ". This is approach of closing the sale is often part of the training for new sales staff. It also a feature of many MLM opportunities, whose quasi-religious seminars and meetings focus on motivating members to recruit their downline and make more sales. Yes I know. I've been to the presentations of the Padugai Company That Shall Not Be Named, and a GOLD MEMBER MLM.

So like may people, I have actually been marketing, but only recently has it dawned on me that I have been doing that for a long time.

To illustrate I will outline the way that I came this understanding.

My working life has been predominantly as a Primary (or Elementary) School Teacher, working in the Government School system. That has meant a secure job. Permanent employment and opportunities for advancement. Being in a service type job, surely there was no element of being a salesperson in that role. Well, that's what I thought.

About 8 years ago, I resigned from that secure job, because I was able to take what was laughingly called Early Retirement. That, however, did not stop me from continuing to be a teacher, but this time as Substitute Teacher, working in an on-call role, filling in for teacher absences.

The position of Substitute Teacher is much less secure than that of the permanent teacher, not knowing if you have work from one day to the next, and requires a large degree of sales skills.

Initially the Substitute (or TRT as we are called in our system) must sell themselves to several individual schools, so that these schools know you are available, just to get a day's work in them.

On that first day in the school the TRT has to sell their skills to that school, so they get invited back on other occasions.

Even more critically, the TRT is often faced with a new group of students. For a successful day, the TRT has to sell themselves and the planned activities to that new group of students, who often take the approach that this is not my teacher, so I can play up today. That's often a difficult sales job, sometimes made more difficult by an expectation that the TRT has to sell the program that the absent teacher left.

Once again, the list of situations in which a TRT has to sell something stretches on, but by now I think you'll get the idea.

So how can we be successful marketers, if that's what we are constantly doing?

Well, in the example above it's a matter of being able to show that you add or improve the current situation.

If a school sees that you can work effectively with a class and the kids learn something on that day, you will get invited back, again and again.

If a class sees that you can add to the learning that goes on there, they will be easier to manage, and respond to the activities you introduce. They will welcome you back nest time. Usually.

If that kid who is pointed as a problem child can achieve something positive on that day, they will appreciate that you've made things better.

So it is when we seek to sell something to others. Will what I am offering make for a better view of the situation for the potential client or customer? It is the customer who will decide that, and pushing it too hard and too often will not help. I need to be aware of the customer's needs and that means taking a real interest in them, asking questions, remembering birthdays, etc.

Finally, we are all Online JOB workers from Tamilnadu, but must always remember that we do not close the Referral. The customer does that when they see how their situation will be made better